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This site is subject to Copyright and all rights are reserved. All text and media content I have created myself and it is very disheartening to see this work copied and plagiarised.  I am happy to share content and would be flattered if anyone would ask me to submit an article to a publication, or to use one of my photographs.  Usually free.

Walking can be dangerous and is done at your own risk, please be realistic about your experience before tackling the more strenuous trails. Consider carefully if you should travel with a walking partner, for additional safety. The distances quoted in this site are actual miles walked and should not be used as a reliable guide to section distances. Official guides and maps are much more detailed and accurate.

This is a hobby site and not a commercial enterprise and I am not a professional outdoor activity expert. My notes and advice for walking the trails and the information given is provided for free, but it is your responsibility to check its accuracy.

All photographs were actually taken on the trails or during preparation. Maps created with GPS Visualiser.

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