England Coast Path

Tales from the Big Trails, in print on 2nd September 2021, available now for pre-order from Vertebrate Publishing. Featuring all 15 National Trails in England and Wales, and the 4 designated long-distance Scotland’s Great Trails. This is the story of the people I meet, the landscapes and coastal scenery and the sheer joy of walking these iconic long-distance routes in the UK. Click on a link below for a copy.

Tales from the Big Trails – Vertebrate Publishing

Tales from the Big Trails – Amazon

The England Coast Path is due to be completed in 2023 (was 2020).  Sections are open and work is progressing. The map below from the http://www.gov.uk website, dated 30th June 2021.

More detailed regional maps can be found using the link below, New leaflets are available too, which are very good indeed.

Regional Maps


I plan to start walking the path from Cromer in September 2021, (where I completed the National Trails is 2016) and keep going, unless work or other circumstances call me home. I like ferries, so will cross estuaries using any public service where possible, unless the inland route seems pleasant enough. The services in Suffolk and Essex seem essential, and I may cross the Thames at Gravesend to avoid central London. Likewise a ferry to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth, returning to Lymington or Hurst Castle and then on to Bournemouth and the start of the SWCP. On arrival at Aust, I may even walk the Wales Coast Path again, and on reaching Carlisle, I may walk to Berwick along the Pennine Way, Hadrian’s Wall, and even go mad and divert along the Scottish National Trail for a couple of months. I can dream.

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