My name is Martyn Howe.

In 2016, I achieved a lifelong ambition to walk all of the 19 National Trails in England, Scotland and Wales, some 3,000 miles, over 160 days, through some of the most wonderful, diverse landscapes in the world. I have come to realise that if you live in Britain, why venture abroad? Some of the best outdoor experiences can be found on your own doorstep?

The end of the SWCP May 2007
The end of the SWCP May 2007

I can not recall how my journey started, but I was only 15 when, with a friend of mine, we completed the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in the mid-1970’s.  With a heavy framed fluorescent backpack and a pair of army boots, we took a bus from Oxford to Fishguard and set about walking south.  This was the beginning of a journey to walk all 19 National Trails.

National Trails

In 2001, I cycled 1,400 miles around the British Isles, camping each night, over 17 days, taking in the four cardinal points at Lizard Point, Lowestoft, Ardnamurchan and Dunnet Head.

In 2017, I cycled around the North Sea using Eurovelo12, some 6,000km.


In 2018, I completed another cycle journey from Lands End to John o’Groats via the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland,  some 4,000km.

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I completed the Wales Coast Path in 2019.

Future plans/thoughts include:

  • Cycling around the Channel (aka Tour de Manche), Eurovelo 4 and NCN Route 2 (~4,000km?)
  • Walking the Scottish National Trail in 2020, 540m
  • Walking the England Coast Path in 2021 (2,500m+)
  • Idly roaming as many Scottish Islands as possible on my Thorn Sherpa in Spring 2020.

Finding the time is the challenge.


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